‘Oasi blu’ the dolphins of Taranto, interview with Carmelo Fanizza

The protection and enhancement of this wealth passes through the creation of a protected area whose realization is imminent thanks to the agreement between the Municipality and the Jonian Dolphin Conservation association.

signature at the Amati palace

The agreement signed by the mayor Melucci and the director of the JDC, Carmelo Fanizza , goes further by projecting itself towards the dolphin shelter, where the cetaceans would be treated and, those coming from the dolphinaria, would be re-educated to life in the open sea. Education and the culture of the sea is the theme of “human” training that is already taking place at the Ketos headquarters, a commitment that demonstrates the passion of the researchers and volunteers of this association of which the well-known activist Richard O’Barry said : “The Jonian Dolphin Conservation in Taranto is my favorite. It is much more than watching dolphins. It’s an instruction on why we should never buy a ticket for a dolphin show. “

We talk about it directly with the president of the JDC, Carmelo Fanizza :

“Blue Oasis” is a project that comes from afar, from studies begun in 2008 when the enemy was drilling rigs for the search of hydrocarbons. What is it now?

Now, compared to the beginnings of 2008, we are going to sea more, we have doubled the means and tripled the commitment and efforts. We go to look for cetaceans knowing better their routes and habits and we have a significant amount of data supported by the support of UNIBA and CNR.

The gulf of Taranto has always been full of life, there are 5 different species of cetaceans: dolphins: the bottlenose dolphins, the striped dolphin typical of the Mediterranean and small in build but there are also the Grampus griseusche reaching a length of 4 m and a weight of 500 kg, also this is the fourth consecutive year that we see sperm whales. There are several specimens and let’s not forget that the Sperm Whale is the largest marine predator existing in Nature. All this variety is exceptional and it confirms that our interest is well placed and that we must preserve and enhance them. The show of dolphins free in the sea communicates an energy that feeds our daily commitment.