40 rare dolphins with cubs spotted in the north of Sardinia

Off the coast of Sardinia , in the heart of the Caprera Canyon , a large group of splendid common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) have been sighted in recent days  ,  cetaceans not exactly easy to meet in our seas, as the name suggests. This species, in fact, in the Mediterranean Sea has been largely “supplanted” by the striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleolba), the most widespread marine mammal of the Mare Nostrum, for reasons that are still being examined by scientists.

Therefore, having sighted about forty common dolphins complete with puppies is great news, both from the point of view of conservation.than from the purely environmental and ecological one. The Caprera Canyon – located about forty kilometers from the north-eastern coast of Sardinia – is once again confirmed as a paradise of biodiversity , as well as one of the best places in Italy where you can admire cetaceans in their natural habitat.

The dolphins with the unmistakable hourglass design on the side were spotted during a whale watching excursion organized by WWS – Whale Watching Sardinia – Snorkeling Offshore, an outing in which scientists from the SEA ME Sardinia onlus association also actively participated .

To collect data in the field. For about ten years the association based in La Maddalena has been conducting a research project on the cetaceans of the Caprera Canyon. On average, as pointed out in a Facebook post by SEA ME, common dolphins are spotted in the area once a year. No wonder the rarity of these encounters, bearing in mind that for the Mediterranean Sea they are considered in danger of extinctionon the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ). On a global level, fortunately, the species is instead classified with an LC code (minimum risk).